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Feb 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
, moe children will be sufficiently educated. so if the teachers are profiting, i don't see the problem. >> you favor the authorities reaching out and grabbing hold of a piece of private enterprise and nationalizing. >> of course, anything that its liberal i'm for. also the issue of homework. this issue would copyright homework. >> i'm very much against that. what do people have rights to? the children doing their homework. create these wonderful projects. the school gets to own it? that doesn't make sense. >> where do you stand? >> i think this is a great area because we're talking about children here and are the parents going to agree? we're moving into a technological age and kids are creating apps at school and then sell it to facebook for a couple million dollars because of what they learned at school? i don't think that's a bad thing necessarily. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> the problem is our teacher and parents and students collaborating to create things at school, and then profit off of it -- >> so what i they are? >> i think we have to distinguish that from the schoo
FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
distorted, et cetera. my question to you is, knowing your background, knowing your jesuit education, knowing what your -- i think your values are, can i have your word you're going to be very forthcoming with this committee to speak truth to power, to speak truth about power and even when incomfortable, where we're going to have to possible probe in a way that's not an easy way to go. >> honesty, truthfulness was a value in me in my home in new jersey, and still is to this day. honesty is the best policy. none of us are perfect beings, i'm far from perfect but i would commit i would be honest with that committee and do everything possible to meet your needs and requirements. i know you're a proud senator of you have one of the jewels of the committee, which resides in maryland but it would be deny objective to make your favorite the c.i.a. and push keith alexander aside. >> i think you're pushing your luck. thank you very much. madam chairman. >> thank you very much. >>> senator levin. >> thank you. thank you for your willingness to serve here. you said publicly you believe waterboarding is
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
together then we cannot only reduce our deficit but we can continue to invest in things like education and research and development nat are going to help us grow. >> more spending. >> and when a guy like obama uses the word invest it means more government spending. he is not stopping trying to raise taxes and when he is talking about closing loopholes and deductions, that's something we all were talking about on the right, conservatives, republicans, as part of tax reform but that was in lieu of raising raising the top rate. he said i raised the top rate and now i want to close loopholes and deductions. so this is all ways of trying to get at the top rate. but remember, that's not where the real money is. it's with the middle class and he is coming to raise taxes on you. >> loopholes could be the mortgage interest deduction. that would generate a lot of money. >> yes. special lie the middle class. >> live it there. thanks for joining us. >> if you a ask harry reid, americans don't believe in spending cuts. >> the american people are on our side. the american people don't believe in thi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)